Keto Snacks – What To Eat On Ketosis

WHAT TO EAT ON KETO This is part three of my continuing series on losing weight and ketosis. In this article we will discuss what to eat on ketosis and in particular a couple recipes that are incredibly popular and easy to prepare. As ketosis is the state where your body burns off fat rather than glucose to provide energy, it is very important that you keep yourself fed as much as possible, and one of the best ways to do this is by eating ‘right’. So, in this article we look at what to eat on ketosis and in particular a couple recipes that really work well.

WHAT TO EAT ON KETO For most people (unless they suffer from a serious medical condition), ketosis means eating very little fat. This is actually a good thing because it means that your body is much less prone to storing excess fat, which makes you look and feel much better. Ketones are produced in the liver, and there are many recipes around for foods that produce ketones naturally in your body. One such recipe that many people enjoy very much is called “potato chips” and what you need is some potato (peeled and preferably cut into strips), some butter, some milk, some oil and many people’s favorite thing to put into the pot – instant pot noodles! Instant Pot Noodles is a very easy way to make some great tasting noodles in a matter of minutes and with a little seasoning thrown in you have a high-energy snack that your body will love.

WHAT TO EAT ON KETO In this article we look at two recipes for instant pot kettles that are just as delicious as your regular everyday ketchups. These recipes are ideal for people who are looking to kick start their diet, and if you are looking to lose weight then they are probably the fastest way to do it. The first recipe we look at is called chicken ala king, this is a delicious recipe for chicken that will have your family and friends asking you where you learnt to cook so good. If you follow the directions, this meal should only take about 15 minutes and will give you a lot of energy.

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